We are pleased to announce that our smartphone apps are now available to the public, and we would like to extend a warm invitation to you to join us.

Whether you are out and about or relaxing at home, you can take advantage of our groundbreaking technology by simply accessing it via your smartphone.

It's time to upgrade your data!

What is SmartSaaS Leaf

Running a business is hard, with so many moving parts, we often lose sight of one of our most important assets, the data. We can help by showing you how to use data to make smarter data-decisions and offer tools to gather data and automate your business tasks. Add in a sprinkle of AI and you have a business that can almost make itself, you only need to bring the passion. 












Add or import data quickly and efficiently


SmartSaaS enables you to effortlessly import your existing data or let our AI create a customised form for you with just a few clicks. 

Then, if you need to make a few teaks, use our model editor to refine until it works for your team. 

Easily customise AI generated models to suit your needs

Add, remove or adapt generated models to your liking. Fields can include validation and other checks to ensure any data enters meets the required specs.

Reduce human error and downtime, easily share your forms with all your mobile and web app users.

Schema List

Import your data or create a suggested form using AI

SmartSaaS enables you to effortlessly import your existing data or let our AI create a customised form for you with just a few clicks. 

Then, if you need to make a few teaks, use our model editor to refine until it works for your team. 

Templates as dynamic as your business


AI Generated Email Campaigns

Revolutionize your email marketing strategy with our cutting-edge AI technology directly integrated into our app. Say goodbye to generic and uninspiring email content, and welcome a new era of personalized, engaging, and conversion-driven campaigns.

Don’t settle for average email campaigns. Elevate your marketing efforts and captivate your audience with AI-generated content. Try it now and experience the difference firsthand!

Empower your business with Customisable Invoice Templates

Seize the power to generate invoices from anywhere, whether you’re on the move or at your desk. Our platform empowers you to effortlessly create invoices and issue them directly through your store or via manual assignment of your products.

Create Documents, Contracts and other paperwork on the fly

Unlock the ability to create and manage contracts seamlessly with our document creation feature. Our platform allows you to generate PDF documents, sign them electronically, and issue them via email while ensuring robust security measures, including password protection.

Experience the power of streamlined document management with our feature-rich platform. Whether you’re closing deals, finalizing agreements, or managing contracts, our solution puts you in control. Enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and secure your documents with ease.

Tailor content effortlessly

Save time and effort

Boost engagement and conversions

Seamless mobile experience

Store integration made easy

Flexible manual assignments

Electronic signatures made simple

Secure distribution options

Streamlined collaborations


Mark the days


A Fun, Interactive and Engaging Calendar

Add custom marks to your calendar to reflect the nuances of your daily hustle and bustle. Whether it’s marking milestones, tracking achievements, or highlighting special moments, your calendar becomes a canvas for your unique journey.

Personalised markings

Step away from the digital clutter and embrace the simplicity of handwritten notes and doodles. Our calendar feature brings back the tactile experience of marking dates and events, fostering a deeper connection to your schedule.

Effortless customisation

Tailor your calendar to suit your lifestyle and preferences. From color-coded categories to intuitive symbols, our intuitive interface lets you create a calendar that’s as individual as you are.

Transform your calendar into a dynamic tool for reflection and growth. With interactive marks, you can track progress, set goals, and celebrate achievements, turning each day into a meaningful chapter of your journey.


More than just project management


Collaborate with your whole team

If you have a niche product or service, complex organisational tasks may be required to help fulfil your clients needs. That’s why we have built in project management right into our app, to help support your team to meet even the most stringent requirements

Action immediately!

An email works great, but how often can we track what needs to be done when we are bombarded with them on a daily basis? That’s why we thought why not integrate task reminders directly on our mobile devices? Your team is notified when a tasks status is updated, changed or completed. Keeping everyone in the loop to ensure you meet those deadlines.

Charted, just the way you like it

When realtime notifications are mixed with mobile notifications and instant messaging, a recipe of success is the result. Our software then puts that recipe in a gantt chart, helping you to stay atop of all your projects. 


Reports tailored to your needs and trends


AI powered reports, just for you

Get real-time insights into your data with instant access to your fully automated reports. Stay on top of your game and make informed decisions with ease.

Using AI inferencing and Natural Language Processing (NLP), we can intelligently analyse your data to produce reports that you may not have even known were there.

Get AI insights on your operations and immediately take action

Unlock the full potential of your operations with cutting-edge AI insights. 

Our platform provides real-time analysis of your data, giving you actionable insights to optimise performance and drive success. 


It starts with one


Empower your team with a streamlined workflow

SmartSaaS helps teams manage their tasks and projects better, minimising delays and downtime. 

It offers clear communication channels and real-time data to ensure that everyone is aware of the progress, and deadlines are met with high quality. 

With SmartSaaS, you can say goodbye to disorganised and confusing workflows and welcome a streamlined, efficient, and empowered team.


Powerful integrations at your fingertips


Connect to all your business apps*

We are constantly expanding our connected apps arsenal to ensure that your have all your data needs met. Be it payment solutions, or website data, we have the support for it. 

If we don’t, get in touch and we will see what we can do!

Schema List


Made for local business


Make your mark

We want to give local businesses the power to network like never before, and we believe that embracing the digital age is a crucial step, especially with the recent AI boom.

We are proud to offer the ability to make your very own digital business card right in the app, helping you to share your contact information, arrange meetings and let your customers browse your product, by simply scanning the barcode. 

And of course, where else should it be but in your phone’s digital wallet?

Discover and connect with local businesses

Now it’s easier than ever to discover local businesses and trade B2B.

Discover products and services from right within the app and make those crucial connections to make your business prosper.


A modern store for a productive business


SmartSaaS enables you to effortlessly import your existing data or let our AI create a customised form for you with just a few clicks. 

Then, if you need to make a few teaks, use our model editor to refine until it works for your team. 

Your store, generated from your products

Thanks to our contextual understanding of data powered by our AI, we can understand your products and use that to make your very own store, directly in SmartSaaS. Get going in minutes allow your team to sell everywhere you go! We can use the products and services you have entered in the app to create a sleek interface for your store with your very own custom branding. 

Take payments on the go, no hardware necessary

Get payed several different ways by using the integrations found in the app, this includes tap to pay on both iOS and Android, where your customers can tap on your phone to pay your business. 

Automate your business finance

Naturally, all your data works as a team, so you can assign custom actions on POS, such as data collection, digital receipt generation or invoice delivery, all through the app. These can be customised per device, or globally. Whatever works best for your business.


Engagement and encouragement built in


Visualise and display your success

Leaf has integrated gamification which helps your team understand and contribute towards your business goals in a fun and engaging manner.

Our all-encompassing approach helps motivate your team with transparent and achievable goals that portray the efficiency of your business. 

Motivate your team

Work from home may have changed our perception for how work can be completed but how can you ensure that your team is motivated and engaged with your businesses goals and objectives?

All your business tools

All the tools to ensure your success


And that's not all folks...

We have been developing and adding features so quickly that it has become very difficult to keep up. We want to ensure that SmartSaaS is the only solution a business requires to optimise their data, the only way to really know what’s going on is by creating an account. 


Don’t worry, it’s free!

  • Email integration
  • Smart suggestions
  • Automated CRM
  • Calendar Integration
  • Powerful to-do list
  • Smart time management
  • Automated reporting
  • 100s of templates to help you get started
  • Smart Suggestions
  • Manage your users
  • Share directly from the app
  • Participate in multiple companies
  • Discover Local Businesses
  • Connect with the community through chatter
  • Fully integrated Gamification features
  • Increased efficiency
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Centralized platform
  • Data-driven approach
  • Increased reach and engagement
  • Improved decision-making
  • Increased efficiency
  • Enhanced customer experience


Who is SmartSaaS for?

SmartSaaS is for those who are frustrated by current data entry and analysis portals. It is a completely ‘no-code’ approach to provide users with smart, rapid analytics on business performance and enhance data-centric decision making and suitable for businesses of all sizes who want to leverage the power of AI to improve their operations and drive growth

What can SmartSaaS do for my business?

We can help turbocharge your decision making skills and remove redundancy by ensuring that your team never has to repeat laborious tasks again.

How is SmartSaaS priced?

SmartSaaS is priced fairly and ranges according to the size of your team. The features we offer are unavailable elsewhere. 

How can I register?

We are currently running our beta trials to ensure that we have the right product for our customers. Simply register by clicking ‘Sign Up’ and begin your SmartSaaS journey. 

What are the key features of the app?

Key features of our AI-enabled B2B SaaS app include advanced data analytics, task automation, real-time collaboration, and AI-powered customer service.

How does the app improve decision-making?

Our AI-enabled B2B SaaS app provides businesses with actionable insights and recommendations based on real-time data, enabling informed decision-making.

How secure is the app?

Security is our top priority, and we employ state-of-the-art security measures to protect the data of our customers.

Why SmartSaaS Leaf?

This concept was born from the struggles of navigating through the plethora of business software and communication channels within larger organisations and understanding the frustrations of finding an entry-point within smaller ones. Since no viable solution existed, we decided, why not make our own?

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